Having a business is not everyone’s cup of tea, apart from being super busy thinking and applying business strategies, a businessman’s half of the time is utilized in managing documents. When you are in hardcore business, it is strongly recommended to have everything in written to avoid future discomforts and disagreements and hence what we have at the end of the day is another five bills. This way, as business grow, so does the pile of documents. Therefore, we need to organize them, but before organizing we need to divide all the documents in appropriate categories. Categorizing documents makes their access easy and comfortable. Hence, keeping that in mind, we have list out the categories your documents will go into. We have also briefly listed out the documents that goes in those categories. Therefore, without any further ado, here they are:

  1. Accounting records and bookkeeping information

What is business without accounting? Nothing at all!! Proper accounting and bookkeeping is the only way to save your business by going in dust. There are several documents associated with accountings and bookkeeping, that includes:  sales information, income statements, cash flow analysis and statement, balance sheets and other similar financial documents.

  1. Bank Records

Another important category of document. This category of your documents will include, bank statements, loan related information like acceptance, cancellations or notices, deposit slips or slips of withdrawal.

  1. Contracts

Business is all about having number of contracts and with that comes numbers of contract related documents as well. This categories includes all the contract papers you went into alliance with, be it real estate, purchasing, lease or sales agreement. Every document related with any contract you have entered into will go in this.

  1. Licenses

This category will take care of your documents related with permits, license, and any type of registration you did with other organizations, and other documents that facilitates your business under state or federal law.

  1. Corporate records, like bills and contracts

This category is for your documents that includes partnership agreement, consent of the owner, articles of incorporations, amendments of several corporate contracts or agreements or similar documents.

  1. Marketing and advertising

Every business is indulged with one marketing or other, and hence there are several documents that gets printed due to this marketing and advertisements. Such documents includes, brochures, banners, content of blogging or advertisements, and records of other marketing materials.

Such documents are necessary to track and keep record of all the marketing tactics that have already being used and what new tactics are to be evolved to make marketing better.

  1. Records of stock

This is where you keep all stock related documents. This includes stock numbers, their names, values, related transactions, stock certificated, guarantees or warrants and all other security filings.

  1. Employee record

This is obvious one, isn’t it!! This category includes all the documents related with your employee. Be it their personal information, bond details, completed employment certifications, offer letters, agreements of employees, their attendance records, performance reviews, settlement agreements with ex-employees and all other similar records. Such documents help you review your employee and decide on their tenure, which is healthy habit for your business. Because better the employees, faster is the growth of your business.

  1. Tax records

Well, with income comes the taxes, isn’t it?? This category will have all the records of monthly, quarterly, or annual tax records, income tax filing of your business, and other documents supporting tax filings and tax associated records and documents.

  1. Records of intellectual property

There are several intellectual properties associated with a business, be it their brand logo, motto and other properties that need copyrights. This category will include all the documents associated with your intellectual property, like patent filling, copyrights documents, licenses, agreements of nondisclosure and other related documents.

With this we wrapped up the important documents of your business. If your documents are organized, you can go on and deal with other business things. Organizing your business is the best thing that will grow your business.

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