E-Commerce / Amazon Sellers

May it be B2B, B2C, C2C or C2B, we are experienced in accounting for Key Accounting issues from perspective of E commerce business such as Revenue recognition, Revenue from contracts with customers, membership and subscription income, rebates, discounts and sales incentives and accounting for intangible Assets.
E-commerce is the future of business. Every business needs to have e-commerce strategy in order to jump growth to next level. E-commerce business comes with own complexity and so it is important that business model around e-commerce must be set very strong. As an e-commerce businessman, you will need to take care of entire chain of systems within business which can be dauting task. However, with changing customer needs and business scenarios, if you can set the right strategy and process, it can flourish and help you achieve all the goals.

    VNC has been assisting various e-commerce companies across geographical territorials since 2013. We understand the key pain areas of e-commerce companies and their specific needs. We have developed suite of solutions for e-commerce companies over a period of time to address

  • Multi-channel sales funnel, inventory system and accounting system set up and maintenance
  • Integration of sales channels to inventory system and accounting systems
  • Management of accounting system and process
  • Providing strategic insights through advisory system to help increase top line and bottom line of business
  • Developing budgeting system and generating cash flow to ensure that business continues to flourish

Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce platforms and it helps every size of companies to expand their customer base, inventory reach and brand performance improvements. It allows the companies to expand to new territories and reach huge customer base with right mix of products and services. However, there are thousands of amazon sellers working on same platform and so it is important that being amazon seller we set up the right business system, process and model to have a competitive edge in own business.

VNC has been helping many amazon sellers in various locations to extend their business to next level by adding consistent value like
Help in setting up amazon seller account, setting up of inventory and store account set up to make it up and running Set up of inventory system and accounting system and ongoing management
Integration between amazon seller account, inventory system and accounting system to have efficient system

Managing amazon seller account to review every amazon charge, their system and ensuring that charge backs by amazon and deductions are correct and reconciliations of the same and communication with amazon to recover wrong charge back
Giving insights and understand of every aspect of charges, cost, sales and profits to keep the great grip of business and staying ahead in competition with VNC edge reports