Restaurant / Café / Franchise

Tracking daily sales, managing your expenses like rent and utilities, food cost, labour cost, insurance and marketing cost and finally working on break even point is really simplified with online accounting software’s which are accessible anytime, anywhere.

    Accounting would help you to know :

  • Chart of Accounts is the term your accountant uses to describe the buckets used to categorize the money that flows in and out of your business
  • Cost Of Good Sold (COGS) refers to the total cost that goes into making the product someone is selling.
  • Restaurant labor cost, occupancy expenses, and operating expenses are all different categories of restaurant expenses and they’re slightly different from those of other kinds of small businesses.
  • The prime cost constitutes a majority of a restaurant’s expenses because it includes all of the food and beverage ingredients, as well as all payroll costs, taxes, and benefits
  • When analyzing the financial health cost to sales ratio helps your business, something to keep in mind is that no number on its own can tell you everything you need to know

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