Wholesaler and Retailers

Bookkeeping for wholesale and retail business was a complex process involving large number of transactions but with us weekly reports will enable you to monitor where exactly your money is going and plan well in advance.

Wholesale / Retail accounting is more complex than other types of accounting because of the need to track inventory closely.

Costing methods are used to calculate how much cash is needed to invest in inventory for your wholesale / retail store. Calculating LIFO and FIFO helps in the process.

Weighted average and the retail method are additional strategies used in the accounting process for a retail store.

    Our accounting services for wholesaler and retailer are as follows :

  • Retail Bookkeeping & Accounting (sales receipts, accounts payable, accounts receivable, bank account reconciliations, and so on.)
  • Inventory management
  • Tax preparation services
  • Budget creation and updation
  • Payroll processing services
  • Benefits management
  • Weekly estimated Profit & Loss by business units, outlets and entire company
  • Sales and labor reporting by business units and outlets
  • Daily Cash Flow analysis with comprehensive drill down capability
  • Management set up custom decision-support reporting
  • Transactional reporting
  • Industry best practices as well as benchmarking
  • Inventory and shrink regulation
  • We keep track of your Sales Tax
  • Review of your service provider bills

With our wholesale/ retail store accounting and bookkeeping services, your business will keep up the pace with your competitors and obtain the mandatory assets to grow and flourish.