Accounts and Finance

Accounts and Finance

Account Payable

  • Processing of purchase orders/bill/Service bills (Accounting App)
  • Bill payment/Batch payment/Payment Run/Uploading Payment to Bank / Portal
  • Supplier statement review
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Credit Card transactions
  • Expense Claim entries and payments
  • Advances, Prepayment, Overpayments Accounting

Account Receivable

  • Processing of sales order /invoices
  • Invoice receipts
  • Customer Statement review
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Debt Chasing(Email)


  • New employee addition
  • Processing of Payroll
  • Payroll Finalization

Fixed Assets

  • New fixed assets addition
  • Managing of fixed assets
  • Depreciation processing
  • Sale of fixed assets/profit or loss on sales
  • Fixed Assets Reconcilition Fixed assets tie up with Balance Sheet GLs

Month End / Year End

  • Review of control accounts
  • Profit and loss and balance sheet reviews
  • Preparation of workpapers
  • Processing of Journals
  • Inter-company Reconciliations
  • Schedules- FX,Eliminations,Depreciations
  • Review and Finalisation Group Consolidates Financials


  • "Mailbox" name and their management responsibility details

Communication /calls

  • Calls by team
  • IMs (Slack)

Updates/ Refinements

  • Reviewing COA,suppliers,customers,inventory,fixed assets,documentations,process,tasks
  • COA Update
  • Suppliers data refinements(review eith bills, check for duplication, review active suppliers)
  • Custom templates for different users departments, regions and languages for invoices, transfers,stock bill etc
  • Software TESTING by scenarios and assistance


  • Resource avaliability in case of allocated member's absence