Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Procure to Pay

  • Processing Purchase orders/ product bills
  • Inventory receipts tracking and Transfers
  • Open item followup and finalisation, Order not received, Invoiced but not Received, Received but not Invoiced
  • Suppliers Advances tracking and allocation

Order to Cash

  • Processing sales orders /invoices
  • Sales Orders Fulfilments tracking and transfers
  • Open Items followup and finalisation, pick, pack, ship, Invoice and payment

Inventory Management

  • Processing Assembily and Production
  • Tracking Inventory consumption to production and finished Goods
  • Tracking Inventory movements, Batch tracking, Lot Expiry, Costing Methods
  • Product Master,BOM,attributes setup, Updates and maintenance
  • Location/ Warehouse management
  • Inventory Valuations and Reporting
  • COGS calculation and consumption tracking by B2B and B2C