MYOB to Xero, Xero to MYOB

Whether you are going from MYOB to Xero or Xero to MYOB, we will make it seamless, fast and accurate.

The entire conversion process includes few simple steps:
  1. Load the file
    This step include loading MYOB/ Xero file. This will give us the documents that are needed to be converted.
  2. Checking the files
    We check the uploaded file.
  3. Reviewing details
    The details are reviewed and are send for conversion (whether from MYOB to XERO or XERO to MYOB)
  4. Conversion
    We begin the conversion process, which will take two to three business days depending upon the data given by client.
  5. Receive confirmation
    Once conversion is done, you will be notified. Then we will subscribe you to get access.

Once your conversion job is on our shoulder, all you have to do now is sit back and relax.


QB to Xero, Xero to QB

Whether you want to convert from QuickBooks to Xero or Xero to QuickBooks, VNC is the best place to go. We simplify your work by making the entire process as seamless as possible.

With our conversion services, you can access your previous data or reports without any problems.

Our process includes basic steps like, prepare file, uploading files, converting them and giving access to the converted file.

We provide maximum security by encrypting your data and the entire process is protected by firewall. We will keep you in the loop throughout the process. The best thing about these conversions are it will allow you to resume exactly where you left. We will setup all the transactions for you.

Reckon to Xero, Xero to Reckon

So, you have decided to get into Xero and your present accounting is on Reckon, don’t worry, with our seamless service you can do it without any hustle.

All you have to do is send accounting files to our team. Once we receive your file, we will begin our conversion process right away and you will have your file converted to Xero within two or three business days. We will send you Xero subscription to enable its access.

In this process of conversion, we import all of your previous transactions to Xero and your accountants can use its data right away. This means that there is no need of waiting for the next financial term to start conversion. You can convert anytime and use advances features of Xero without any interruptions.

Same process goes for converting from Xero to Reckon. It is easy to move your accounting data to Reckon without any hitches.


QuickBooks to Navision

QuickBooks is the best solutions available to businesses when it comes to accounting but it has it glitches. It work efficiently and smoothly for smaller business. Even though it provides decent services for its price but it is not a good option after your business has grown significantly.

Therefore, sometimes business move on to other solutions like Navision. We will help you export your QB data effortlessly to Navision. Our team provides you accurate, fast, and industry standard data migration from QB to Navision. The process of conversion includes:

  1. Uploading QuickBooks file.
  2. Checking files.
  3. Reviewing the uploaded files.
  4. Conversion of QB files to Navision, which takes two to three business days.
  5. And lastly, we will notify you and you can go on using Navision.