Vat Compliances

VAT legislation is ever changing, and it has become the necessity for business to keep in pace with it. It has become a challenge these day to be up-to date with VAT legislations. There is increasing pressure on businesses to keep in pace with VAT without compromising the quality of products/services.

We at VNC have invested time, money and other resources to become experts in such cases. We are a team of highly dedicated and knowledgeable professionals who uses standard methods.

Our services will give you following benefits:
  1. Consistent quality of services
  2. Reduced errors and hence better efficiency
  3. We work with SAP and several ERP application to deliver top quality results.
  4. Better document management.

We have services for both local and foreign entities, we will review VAT returns, draft relevant letters, tax inspections and several other. We are the best combination of proper tools and team of best professionals.


Sales Tax Compliances

Sales tax filing and income tax return is the most nerve-racking aspect of business. Apart from being figure-related, which people find intimidating, its complex nature, multiple documents and serious repercussions of making mistake, makes it really overwhelming.

Our services includes Tax-filing online, expert tax preparation services where each services have unique features and benefits. We also provide tax consultation to help you with your tax related doubts and queries.

Our services guarantees you satisfaction and accuracy. We ensure security of our client’s documents and information as confidentiality of your information is on the top of our priority list.

IAS/ BAS compliances

BAS stands for Business Activity Statement and IAS stands for Instalment Activity Statement. These are the forms that are supposed to be submitted to ATO to fulfill your tax obligations. These are to be submitted on time as well as with proper information to avoid any kind of penalties. BAS and IAS are to be prepared regularly.

Since, our team of experts include registered IAS/BAS professional, we can help you:
  1. Prepare IAS and BAS with your bookkeeping services.
  2. We will make sure your BAS in on time so that we can avoid late penalties.
  3. Our experts will make sure your reporting of GST is up-to the mark.

Contact our specialist today and know more about our services and how we can help you.


GST/HST Compliances

Our aim is to provide our clients with end to end return filing, to make sure their business remains compliant and in accordance with recent filing updates.

Filing GST throughout the years could be a tremendous job to undertake especially when you have so many other business aspects to deal with. That’s why most of the business are taking help of third party. That is where we can help you.

VNC is a team of knowledgeable experts who can take on the job of filing GST/HST compliance on their shoulder, freeing you to do the aspects of your core business. We have experts to track GST legislation, laws and format and hence will ensure your filing are always up-to the mark.

Our service will guarantee you
  1. Complete review of your data and will make sure they are in accordance with the new GST/HST regulations.
  2. We provide all round GST filing support.
  3. We are a team of dedicated experts to handle your GST filing
  4. We use latest technology/ software.

PAYG/PAYE Compliances

PAYE stands for “Pay as You Earn” and PAYssG stands for “Pay as You Go”. Every business have tax related commitments in their plate. Such obligations are top-priorities as there are penalties due to failure to make a tax return. Every PAYE/ PAYG taxpayer is supposed to meet their compliance obligations. There are several responsibility on one’s shoulder when it comes to taxes, like constantly checking his TCC, to be sure about his entitlements to tax credits, to keep updating personal changes like address to Revenue, keep relevant documents up-to date and many more. The list is really long and is quite intimidating. Therefore, you need help of professionals who are in this business for a long time and can keep you abreast with all the changes and updates, who can free you of this burden and will accomplish the job without any problems. We at VNC will provide all round support and consultation to keep your tax obligations up-to date.