Since the day blogging was born, there has been a heated debate whether blogging is important or not for your business. Blogging is a way of spreading your knowledge and brand via written content, only reason people will say it is not important for your business are those who have not yet tasted the effect blogging have on your business.

Without any further ado, here are top three reasons why you should consider blogging for your business.

  1. Directs traffic to your website

With advent of internet and expansion of website use for business, blogging has become the king. Blogging acts as a foundation of all your social media marketing. Whether you are using Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter, try to use blogging as a mean to drive your customers to your website.

What you can do? Try uploading engaging and attractive images or videos related with your niche of business alongside of it provide link to your blog. Make you post engaging enough that people click your link, and TADA!! You have a new visitor to your website.

  1. Increase your search engine ranking

There are thousands of websites already flooding the internet, so how do you think people will find your website?

That’s where search engine ranking comes in the picture. The ranking of your website determine its visibility. But how you improve search engine ranking? Blogging!!

Search engines identify your content based on the keywords you use. When you content is relevant and filled with proper keywords, search engine give you ranking. Therefore, when you are blogging, there are better chances of your website to move up in ranking if you play by the rules of engines fairly.

See, how blogging will do the magic of pushing you upward in ranking, if you do it regularly. But there are certain rules when blogging, like the content must be totally unique, keywords must be relevant and of course blog must be informative to your readers. If you do blogging right, it can open a brand new way of branding, income and of course new customers.

  1. It helps you nurture better customer relationship

Blogs provide you an alternate method of communication with your customers. It is not direct in nature as your support system or as your content of marketing strategies, but it is informative in nature. Your blog is a place where people land when they have problems associated with your niche of your business. For example: if your business is about providing content marketing and writing services, your blog can be dedicated for solving common blog related problem like “things to do before writing a blog”, “where to start writing blog” and etc.

Maintaining a blog on solving common problems of your customers creates knowledgeable image of yours, and since they are in contact with you via your blog it builds a loyal customer base.

The more your customers land on your blog, the better their relationship will be with your business, which ultimately will grow your business.

The thing with blogging is, it is all about providing extra information to your customers. It is not a place to directly sell your product but rather an extension of your services. For example, if your business is about providing IT services, your blogs are not the place to promote your service, but rather use it to inform your customers about challenges and solutions of their problems. Blogs are not a direct marketing place but a communication area to interact with your customers to keep them engaged with your brand.

If used properly, blogs are a powerful tool to keep your customers loyal to your brand. Research about the common problems of your customers and try to solve those with your blog. Communicate with them via comment box and remind them that they are important to you.

There’s a saying “Content is the king” and it’s true.

What do you think about blogging? Share your view with us.

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